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I heard only a few qoutes from The One’s press conference today, but I thought them very enlightening. He complained that he could not take office until Jan 20th. I suspect that we will hear a gradual drumbeat of that from congress and the press, a low intensity grumble that has the added benefit of insulting GW. Face it Obama, you will be powerless to unpush the depression button, even if your friends do resuscitate our stock market.

The second was a reassurance that he had been “re-reading the works of Lincoln.” Not far removed from the student world, that phrase leapt out at me. If he had in fact been studying Lincoln, then he should have been able to provide an insight, even one distilled into qoute form. But to have simply said that he has been reading the works strikes me as a grasp at 150 year old ethereal coattails, and a vague attempt to reassure a nation that he is trying to do something. It is also a stark contrast with Palin, who apparently took the words of Lincoln to heart, and tried to embody one of his ideas, which is to pray that your nation is on God’s side. It does not surprise me one bit that Obama now has to claim Lincoln as an inspiration. His mentors seem especially impotent to inspire in times like this.

A better character to study for presidential repsonse to times of crisis may be Reagan or even GW. But Obama’s hatred prevents him from realizing the truth of what was overcome in the last 8 years, and his ingrown synapse can’t help but reiterate a complaint against the current president.

PS. Since when was Lincoln such a talisman to politicians? I have heard his name more than any other president this season, and that seems to be without precedent.