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I heard only a few qoutes from The One’s press conference today, but I thought them very enlightening. He complained that he could not take office until Jan 20th. I suspect that we will hear a gradual drumbeat of that from congress and the press, a low intensity grumble that has the added benefit of insulting GW. Face it Obama, you will be powerless to unpush the depression button, even if your friends do resuscitate our stock market.

The second was a reassurance that he had been “re-reading the works of Lincoln.” Not far removed from the student world, that phrase leapt out at me. If he had in fact been studying Lincoln, then he should have been able to provide an insight, even one distilled into qoute form. But to have simply said that he has been reading the works strikes me as a grasp at 150 year old ethereal coattails, and a vague attempt to reassure a nation that he is trying to do something. It is also a stark contrast with Palin, who apparently took the words of Lincoln to heart, and tried to embody one of his ideas, which is to pray that your nation is on God’s side. It does not surprise me one bit that Obama now has to claim Lincoln as an inspiration. His mentors seem especially impotent to inspire in times like this.

A better character to study for presidential repsonse to times of crisis may be Reagan or even GW. But Obama’s hatred prevents him from realizing the truth of what was overcome in the last 8 years, and his ingrown synapse can’t help but reiterate a complaint against the current president.

PS. Since when was Lincoln such a talisman to politicians? I have heard his name more than any other president this season, and that seems to be without precedent.


For as much as I am dissappointed in American politics at large, I had a thought today that was kind of encouraging. If John McCain had to nominate Palin for his VP in order to get the evangelical vote, then maybe evanglicals still have a decent stranglehold on politics, albeit in an unusual way. I just wish we’d exercise it more often than every four years.

Yes, this is an economic post. The Fed has bailed out a handful of near bankrupt financial institutions that had bad loans. In essence our tax dollars have just gone to pay for somebody else’s stupid mistake. Anything money needed beyond what our tax dollars have paid for has been printed up by the Fed to cover the cost of these institutions. What does that mean? Well, our dollar will progressively get even weaker. What else does this mean? Well, it means that for now, America has gotten the ‘hit’ of what it needs. We needed our “drug” fix and we got it. The real problem comes when we run out of “drugs”. We don’t have an endless supply of money and we can’t just keep our economy propped up on an artificial currency. So whenever that time comes, we totally deserve whats coming. Our sense of entitlement to a good economy now will come to haunt us when the government can’t afford to support us any longer.

I was amazed that Doug Wilson said what he said about this. I thought that I had nothing else to contribute to the buzz, but I think it is important to note that this action by McCain speaks louder than his words. I am curious what ya’ll think.

Update: I read the story of Deborah again, and was struck by a few things. As John Barach points out in Doug’s blog, Deborah is a wife, and describes herself as a mother of Israel. She sits in judgement on the men of Israel, and does go to war with Barak. To me this suggests that she is more than a prophetess, she is a leader. Even if she is a leader by virtue of being a prophetess first, she is a leader in a time of war.

It may be true that Deborah is a mocking of the men of Israel, since she is the only female judge, but I think that if you look at the follow up to the battle in Judges 4, you see the story of Jael, and this should bear on our understanding of the role of Deborah. Jael, Heber’s wife, takes executive action, killing king Jabin as he fled from Deborah and Barak. Later in Judges 5:24 Jael is spoken of as the “Most blessed of women.”

So the story of Deborah is really the story of 2 women who together with Barak save Israel from a wicked king. Barak, like Adam, Abraham, and countless others before and since fails to heed God’s word. But God purposes for the salvation of Israel to come from those 2 women in that instance. Based on this, I think that Deborah is more a proof for the role that Palin has been selected for than a proof against her becoming VP.

Few Americans would invite an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service, but that’s exactly what Minnesota pastor Gus Booth wanted when he stood behind his pulpit and told his congregation God wanted them to vote Republican.
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My first reaction to these lines were “Good for him” as I read the first half and “Oh that moron.” when I reached the end. Humans are partially political beings, but they are more than that. I think that when we get too wrapped up in partisan politics we are saying that God’s platform aligns with a current party platform. In reality, both sides have their shortcomings. One side might have glaring faults to orthodox Christians, but the other side might have blind spots that partisan Christians open themselves up to. I wish pastor’s like this would preach right and wrong not right and left.

A couple of things have sprung to mind a listening to all the clips of O’bama’s recent speech on race, and the attendant speculation from my preferred media, conservative talk shows.

Number 1. I am so offended by Senator O’bama and his attitude regarding being black. By that I mean he seems to have the idea that he can excuse hate and anger because of past injustices. In essence, he is trying to make me feel guilty. I know that many people, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton already do this, but O’bama’s smugness is what really sticks in my craw. Also, he is showing himself to be a poor leader in responding to this by blame shifting the problem back to race and the past. For all his hope and change, doesn’t he have a solution to offer to this problem? A true leader, black or blue, would tell people to grow up, shake off the past, and move on. No other course of action will help them to dig out of their present course.

Number 2. Another leadership quibble. Hostorically speaking, black culture and societial statistics have been in free fall since the 60’s and 70’s, after a period of sustained growth and development. These include out of wedlock pregnancy rates, employment, education, and other issues. In his book, Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Thomas Seoul documents this phenomenon, and shows that it did in fact begin with the Democrat party declaring war on poverty, and destroying the black community in the process. Why should we believe that that the salvation of the black people will be brought by this sellout?

Number 3. The level of scrutiny and judgement that political leaders are apparently required to exercise regarding their pastors illustrates the lack of understanding that most conservative radio hosts have regarding the hierarchy of personal, public, and spiritual life. I have heard several mention that if their pastor said things that they did not agree with, they would leave. It reminds me of Wilson’s rule for discovering the god of a system. Whatever is protected is the god. In this case, I am not sure if the object of protection is the reputation of the man or the truth of what may be said in a church. Either way, the personal judgement of a man, politician or no, is a poor definition of a pastor being right or wrong. Too bad that is the only standard we are now left with.

that remind us that capitalism can still result it surprisingly bad taste.

Good news. Tax rebates again! But wait? Where’s the money coming from? Oh right, we’ll just add it to our national debt.

Rather apt considering the economy’s current state. Let’s just hope none of our debtors decide to do anything with our…er…their property.

I just came across this interesting article on Christians in Iran. Are we Christians first or Americans?