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Well folks. I managed to upgrade the WordPress platform. Along with it, I also decided to freshen up the look. Let me know what you think. The picture in the post is something I made recently for a CD single just for fun. Enjoy!


Well, I think I’m gonna upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. It seems to be the best way of making sure my comment spam blocker will work. I don’t really know if this will harm anything on here currently but if it does, it was nice knowing y’all….and we’ll see you later regardless.

Greetings readers….both of you. For some reason my comment spam blocking plug-in managed to make my entire blog break for a couple days so I had to delete it in order to get the blog working again. If anyone out there has and recommendations for a good comment spam blocker for wordpress, please let me know in the comments thread (I’ll try not to delete it with the rest of the spam).

The Muppet’s are BACK! It’s not clear how soon exactly, but they are in the works. The other good news is that this movie will hopefully be a throwback to the original classic muppet movies….(Read More)…

Ben Carnahan asks the questions that I’ve been asking myself for a while now over at his blog Gilgal Check it out.

I always liked Richard’s explanation better.

And CNET hates Google
And newspapers hate Craigslist
And music labels hate Napster
And used bookstores hate Amazon
And so do independent bookstores.

Dating services hate Plenty of Fish
And the local shoe store hates Zappos
And courier services hate fax machines
And monks hate Gutenberg

Apparently, technology doesn’t care who you hate.

HT: Seth’s Blog

Yes, It has finally happened. Mr. Doug Jones (and friends) has a blog. It’s entitled Scribblative Agincourting. If you are as confused by the name as I was initially, here’s what I came up with. As far as I can tell, that means something to the effect of writing that seeks to defeat a larger army with superior firepower and takes it’s name from the Battle of Agincourt. Either way, it looks to be interesting and thought provoking. You will find it below on the blogroll if you ever lose track of it. Oh, and if I were you, I’d check out his top-ten documentary list to start things off. There’s some good ones on there.

Has anyone else seen this, and do you have an opinion on if it is a comedy or not?

Bear with me, this is a bit longer than my usual. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now.

I’ve been reading up on the Federal Vision in a casual sort of way for years now. I haven’t read any books all the way through, although I’ve read significant bits of a good deal of them, and I sat through Douglas Wilson’s original Reformed Is Not Enough sermon series. I’m personally acquainted with virtually the entire pantheon of FV luminaries. All this is meant to dot me on the map, and to show where my loyalties lie. I don’t belong on any juries. I’d recuse myself if I were a judge on the matter.

One thing that keeps popping in the Federal Vision debate, and has been a point of discussion lately, is the issue of anonymous attack sites and their place in the debate. They mostly swirl around Douglas Wilson and Christ Church in Moscow, but not exclusively.

There’s a lot of them out there, for sure; I can think of about a dozen off the top of my head. There’s even more sites that are devoted solely to slander, but aren’t technically anonymous. I think part of the reason for the number of them is that they’re easy to set up, easy to leave up. And some people get a kick out of having thousands of visitors reading their dirt. (Tabloids, anyone?)
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