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Good news. Tax rebates again! But wait? Where’s the money coming from? Oh right, we’ll just add it to our national debt.


Rather apt considering the economy’s current state. Let’s just hope none of our debtors decide to do anything with our…er…their property.

Here is the fascinating book that I mentioned earlier that discusses the business of movies. Mr. Epstein’s equally fascinating weekly column can be found here. This week, he discusses why Blockbuster is going down the toilet (answer: it made some astoundingly stupid decisions).

Speaking of economics, here‘s another story ostensibly about Starbucks, but really about the way that companies market name-brand products. Fascinating stuff.

And, for good measure, here‘s why you ought to tidy up more often.

Update: All right, I promise to not use the word fascinating again for at least three posts.

I came across a story in the World Magazine from Aug 6th. Apparently a Councilman from Kenya has offered Mr. Bill Clinton 40 goats and 20 cows as a dowry for his daughter Chelsea. Mr. Clinton has not responded yet. And, a mormon in Utah has a team of ceo’s etc who have formed team date Lance. Included in their marketing is a billboard that says, “I’m Lance, Let’s go out!”. Maybe that would be a good idea for a Moscow business.