I have enjoyed Mr. Wilson’s amateur punditry. His posted quote by Lewis was hilarious when I first saw it.

Irony is Barney Frank using the shibboleth example in a congressional hearing.

Speaking of the Congressman Frank, he got excoriated by O’Reilly. Say what you will, I think the time is past for most politicians to be called on the carpet like this. I think O’reilly gets suspended or something.

O’reilly was a key figure in my latest anticipated movie, An American Carol. Overall, it felt like it disappointed, and did not measure up to the hilarity of Tropic Thunder. I think part of the reason was the heavy message that they were trying to convey in every other sentence. I think that if they had cut loose from trying to get so many refutations in there a little more, it would have been funnier. Watching it in a packed theater may have also contributed to my cringing instead of laughing at some points. The highlight was the ACLU and the slaves, the lowlight was the nephew. It also reminded me of the Golden Age of the Simpsons. . .

If the Simpsons did jump the shark (reference please?), which I assume to be some sort of reference to them going to the political dark side, then they have also gone to the comedic dark side with their new season premiere, featuring marge working in a Naturel bakery. I guess it started with Bart’s wild ride in the movie, but I definitely do not recommend that as an introductory episode for your friends and family.

I think “A Comparative Study of the Comedic Styles of the Simpsons” or “Season Six, The Golden Age of the Simpsons” have definite potential for theses at our collective alma mater.

Which brings me back to Mr. Wilson, who is obviously connected to everything.