For something to fill the holes in their souls. Two things prompted this.

First up: How did the Olympics (and sports in general) acheive this religious status? This story is really about the separation of religion and state. It is two steps from recognition of the true place of things, and as such, it blows me away.

The second is the movie “The Bucket List”. Jack and Morgan travel the world in search of meaning. Boomers everywhere live vicariously through these aging actors and their (non-cg?) backdrops of Egypt. The premise was thin, the plot is weak, and the script was heavyhanded where it should have been deft and clever. As I watched it, I thought that a journey through the mortal delights should give us a sense of emptiness. But this movie was more than a sense of emptiness. It was emptiness that thought it offered meaning. Maybe the writers began to believe themselves, but I think people will know better than being told that it is okay for an agnostic to have a chance to believe, but to walk away, and then die well because he had his eyes open, or that it is okay to galavant the world in a selfish denial party.