This story was carried by the local fishwrap. Since I think it would be a waste of time to read it, the basic premise is that an old written-on stone tablet may cast doubts on the Bible because it talks about a Messiah that will be reincarnated. I was struck by how hard the author had to work to make it into a story that will cast doubt onto the Christian scriptures.

A close reading reveals such highlights as “He says further that such a suffering messiah is very different from the traditional Jewish image of the messiah as a triumphal, powerful descendant of King David.” and “There is one problem,” he said. “In crucial places of the text there is lack of text.” Basically one “iconoclastic” scholar claims to have deciphered the incomplete text, and the truth is that other stories of a messiah necessarily render the gospels obsolete.

With reporting like this we don;t even have to wait for the next Da Vinci blockbuster, it’s all in the New York Times!