In the last week or two, here are some books I’ve read, in no particular order:

  • Black Jacobins.  On the Haitian revolution, by a Marxist. Obviously for class.  Intriguing story about the first successful revolution in the third world, but it could have been shorter.  The most interesting thing was how the “revolting” slaves fended off the French and the British simultaneously.
  • Radical Spirits.  On Spiritualism and women’s rights.  Also for class.  Pretty dull actually.  Spiritualists were crazy, the movement is interesting (look it up sometime), the book was boring.
  • The Lost Ark of the Covenant.  Read about 100 pages of it and found it too focused on the personal journey of the author, and not enough on the ark itself.  Taking a tactic from my wife, I skimmed to the end, to see the fellow’s conclusions.  He believes the ark has been discovered and is in a museum.  It is made of ugly wood and used to be a drum.  Glad I skipped most of this one.
  • The People’s Choice. I picked this up because of the premise. The president-elect dies between election day and inauguration. Who should the electors choose as president? They’re not bound to choose anyone, actually – so they have to choose between the loser of the election, the vice-president-elect (who’s a doofus), and someone else. Fun premise, poor execution.
  • Manhunt.  This one is about John Wilkes Booth, the assassination, and his flight from Washington.  I finished this in about a day and couldn’t put it down.  Great reading, recommended.

Still on the list:

I’ll let you know what I think of these.