While on the road last week, I got a chance to see some of the Bible belt, and got a kick out of all the little churches, like “King James Baptist Church”. It seemed more appropriate than “mega-church row” here in San Antonio, which is unfortunately anchored by Hagee’s eyesore and the rib joint owned by one of his relatives. Just down the highway from “mega-church row” we have noticed two multi story climate controlled storage buildings going up within 2 miles of each other, both owned by the same company. I was reminded of this when I heard this story on Marketplace, a show I heartily recommend. Granted, I think t is awesome that people in our country have found a way to make a living by selling space to other people, space that people could easily add to their own house for less money. But the amount is ridiculous.

Think about it, 7 square feet of storage space for every man, woman, and child. And that is on top of the home. We are apparently more than obsessed with stuff, it is a religion. So it is appropriate that the mega-mini-storages are dueling for real estate with the churches here. They have a tithe (monthly fees), they have liturgy and pilgrimages (going there to drop off or pick up stuff), and they are both offering some kind of hope and comfort to those in the world, otherwise there would not be such demand.

I am curious how that square foot amount stacks up against the square footage.