As I listened to NPR’s coverage of the “Faith Forum” last night, I was amazed at the words of the candidates. And over the course of the day, I thought of an interesting parallel to the way I view the two main parties, and the current election.

In Lordship class at NSA, Mr. Merkle taught on para-church organizations. His main thrust was to remember that it was not a church, and also to recognize that even outside the protection and power of the church, they have been fighting the work that the church should have been doing. An example, both my church and the Slavic Reformation Society have the same goal, and we offer them support toward that goal.

The other line in this parallel is the level of distortion that two Senators put out last night in response to what seemed like genuine questions on Christianity. Both of them went out of their way to show knowledge of the Bible (I had no idea that Clinton knew there were prophets in the OT) and to also wrench the word of God into alignment with their ideolgies. Example, O’bama worships the creation, and while paying homage to it’s false prophet (Al Gore) says that the creation “story” reminds him of our responsibility to safeguard the earth, and acknowledge that we borrow this planet from our children.

These two thoughts drew together as I thought more about my support of the Republican candidate, no matter who it is. As I listened to the words of last night, I realized that the two democrats will say anything, anything to get into the race. In the space of 48 hours O’bama derided faith, said it was a time honored keystone of Americana, and professed his own twisted version. This after his infamous church become a household name.

The nail in their coffin was reading that the Democrat party hosted this forum in order to lure churchgoing voters to their ballots, and away from Republicans. The party has not ever been on the side of churchgoers, and now it is trying to make up the difference without actually changing candidates or platforms.

The Republicans have obviously sinned in a different way, and are little better. However, I still believe it is true that their support by churchgoers has been due to candidates and platforms that were in alignment with members of churches. Recently there has been a move away from that, obviously. But on the whole, they still hold to most of my values. Like many para church organizations, and even lots and lots of churches, I don’t agree with every plank. But that is a far cry from the disengenuous pandering that was on display last night. I would rather vote for a party that as a whole is still trying to conserve the invaluable foundations of this country than one that sees me as nothing more than part of a demographic that must be talked down to by scheming demagogues who need my vote.

PS. The part about global warming smacked of the recent move by larger liberal churches to get on the left side of the green movement. (I just saw an ad with Jesse Jackson and Pat Robertson urging us to put aside our differences and save the world one lightbulb at a time) The church has brought this “lesser of two evils” choice on itself by refusing to proclaim truth.

PS2. Irony is O’bama trying to acknowledge that there is a “moral dimension” to the killing of unborn children, while refusing to call his party out for wholesale support if it and refusing to denounce it himself, despite his faith.