The other day, just out of curiousity, I bought Scott Stapp’s solo album, The Great Divide. You know, Scott Stapp. Yes, the former lead singer of Creed. Creed, that post-grunge band that sold a bazillion albums but doesn’t seem to have an actual fans. Seriously, have you ever talked to anyone who admitted to being a real fan of Creed? Not a “they’re fun to listen to sometimes” person, but a fan? Even if they are, they won’t admit it.

First, full disclosure. I enjoy listening to Creed. I can’t really defend it, though I think that part of it at this point is now tinged with nostalgia for listening to it eight (wow – eight!) years ago. So there’s that.

In passing, I should note that the album cover is worthy of a look. It makes almost every other album cover in the world look good. Inside, the album art is even better, as Stapp has no shirt in half of his pictures. I kid you not.

But I also listened to the album. Yes, all of it. Each song. It is amazingly bad. None of the songs are catchy or have a good melody. You keep expecting something interesting to happen, and then the four minute mark hits and the music just goes away. It’s boring to listen to, and it it’s not even as good as Creed’s worst songs. I don’t think this is because the band isn’t as talented this time around, though that’s true. It’s also because the songs are just plain terrible.

Was it worth the buy? Yes, for the entertainment value. And because I got it for a $1, so I won’t feel bad about throwing it away. But I don’t think I’ll be curious again.