A couple of things have sprung to mind a listening to all the clips of O’bama’s recent speech on race, and the attendant speculation from my preferred media, conservative talk shows.

Number 1. I am so offended by Senator O’bama and his attitude regarding being black. By that I mean he seems to have the idea that he can excuse hate and anger because of past injustices. In essence, he is trying to make me feel guilty. I know that many people, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton already do this, but O’bama’s smugness is what really sticks in my craw. Also, he is showing himself to be a poor leader in responding to this by blame shifting the problem back to race and the past. For all his hope and change, doesn’t he have a solution to offer to this problem? A true leader, black or blue, would tell people to grow up, shake off the past, and move on. No other course of action will help them to dig out of their present course.

Number 2. Another leadership quibble. Hostorically speaking, black culture and societial statistics have been in free fall since the 60’s and 70’s, after a period of sustained growth and development. These include out of wedlock pregnancy rates, employment, education, and other issues. In his book, Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Thomas Seoul documents this phenomenon, and shows that it did in fact begin with the Democrat party declaring war on poverty, and destroying the black community in the process. Why should we believe that that the salvation of the black people will be brought by this sellout?

Number 3. The level of scrutiny and judgement that political leaders are apparently required to exercise regarding their pastors illustrates the lack of understanding that most conservative radio hosts have regarding the hierarchy of personal, public, and spiritual life. I have heard several mention that if their pastor said things that they did not agree with, they would leave. It reminds me of Wilson’s rule for discovering the god of a system. Whatever is protected is the god. In this case, I am not sure if the object of protection is the reputation of the man or the truth of what may be said in a church. Either way, the personal judgement of a man, politician or no, is a poor definition of a pastor being right or wrong. Too bad that is the only standard we are now left with.