Naturally, I saw 10,000 BC. During the epic I was impressed at how watchable and decent it was. It was only at the end that I realized it was the worst kind of noble savage humanist propaganda. The story is basically that of a hunter in 10,000 BC who leaves his village for the cause of love, and ends up conquering the pyramid builders in a war for independence that highlights his ability to overcome natural obstacles and lead the savages against a god.

Hardly surprising, there was a deep nature theme to it. The savages coexist with nature, and “Earth Mother” (old lady not earth itself) has some mystical powers. However, the earth is clearly stronger than old mother. The next highest power is the aforementioned hero hunter. He conquers the deserts and mountains, fights off beasts, and interacts with others.

This is where it gets weird though. His final test is to fight the gods who are enslaving all mankind to build the pyramids and sphinx. He is told by an ex-slave that the gods used to be three, but are now one. The gods are the only religion in the movie, and I think it odd that they are a former trinity. Naturally, the hero hunter proclaims that “he is not a god”, and emphasizes this fact with a spear. The animals also help him to bring down the house of the gods. So here we have god as a contrivance used to enslave men, and the embodiment of raw man-power overthrowing the mumbo jumbo and leading man to freedom from the tyranny of gods and religion in general.

So, lessons of the movie. The earth gives us life (as the hero and his earth-woman watch plants grow to feed their people at the end).

Religion and gods are used to enslave men away from their natural states of hunting and farming.

These faces of tyranny should be overthrown as violently as possible, and man should go back to the pristine way he was.

Then how on earth (pun) did we get here, making movies and discussing them through the miracle of electricity generated by dead animals from back then, conducted by metal that the savages had no concept of, operating in social frameworks that are only given us by a triune God out of his grace, and not needing to go on yearly mammoth hunts to avoid starvation?