“Single men end up withering away in rooms that smell of feet and armpits.” Said by “Wilby’s” friend in “Amazing Grace”. Lots of Quotations there, but bear with me. I had some other thoughts on the movie too. Why is only the first verse of the aforementioned hymn ever sung? My own personal belief is that the first verse makes one feel good, and when taken out of context, it can be thought to apply to almost anyone, regardless of the working of the Holy Spirit.

Did the filmmakers know that their portrayal of Wilberforce’s temptation to revolution was so apt in showing a Christian response to governmental idiocy?

I think not, mainly because they portray Wilberforce’s relationship to God as that of a valley girl to a valley boy. Reference the scene with wet grass and spiderwebs.

Kudos to the filmmakers for showing that you can be peaceful and still accomplish great things. Apart from “The Passion”, I can’t think of a movie that has shown the truth of change being accomplished through non warlike sacrifice. In some ways, Wilberforce was a more Christ-like savior for the slaves than William Wallace or Beowulf for their respective peoples.

Interesting point about the most powerful empire of the time being built on slaves. Was it built on slaves, or the slave trade?