I have been very surprised at the number of people who have recently came out in support of Ron Paul. Not just people on this blog, but folks from my church, and even Gary North. I have looked into Ron Paul’s own words, and have comments on several key points.

“He is a man with the courage to follow through on his convictions.” Paul’s stance on the Iraq War has been brought in as support for this. It sounds good, except that can be said for the majority of Republicans. For the most part, the only public figures who have changed their tune is the Democrat candidates (a la Hillary) trying to impress their rabid base. I think the GWB has shown more courage than Paul, because Bush has actually done something about the threat that we do face from Iraq and Iran. He has turned Iraq into a democracy, and has been conducting covert operations to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Paul’s idea of national security breaks down to “Iran hates us because the CIA meddled in their affairs in the 50’s”. Notice the implication that if we now leave them alone they will forget all about us. Lacking from this thunderingly naïve attitude is the Iranian Embassy takeover. Surely the Iranians worked their frustration out by taking over our Embassy in the 70’s. If not, then I guess we would be justified in attacking them, since we never got payback for our embarassment.

His webiste supports putting real money into Social Security. Again, sounds like a good plan. But as far as meaningless pronouncements by politicians goes, this ranks up there with O’bama saying he wants to wipe out poverty. The truth is that in ’05, Social Security and Medicare’s unfunded liabilities were equal to 7 times the national deficit. I would also like to see real money in there for me to get a hold of some day, but at this point, only the most desperate of measures and plans will save it. And for anyone who thinks Republican and Democrat candidates are tweedle dum and tweedle dee, Social Security was begun by FDR, and Medicare by LBJ.

Another interesting insight into Ron Paul was yielded by a video on youtube where Ron Paul meets the Students for 9-11 Truth. The students are a classic case of there are no absolutes, and that is absolute. Apparently, there can be no truth until a bunch of amateurs get to pass judgement on something that occurred on national television. Ron Paul echoes their blithering by saying that typically a government investigation means a cover up, like JFK. When I watch someone casually toss off that sort of statement, I have serious doubts about his sincerity of heart in leading the government.

Without going on, I find no reason to support Ron Paul. He is a credible sophist. And he can sound feisty when compared to Trent Lott or Nancy Pelosi. However, like GWB said in a debate, leadership takes a plan, and a plan is not saying what does not work I have only seen Ron Paul able to articulate what does not work. He has shown no reason for me to think that he is a proactive leader. And as a Libertarian, I do not think that he should be considered a friend of Christians in any way.