I find it really interesting that “Smooth Refreshing Busch Beer and Cool Crisp Busch Light” have to have pictures of mountain streams in the ads, like the pine needles and storm debris will enhance the flavor. They look clear, but they are really full of silt. The streams and the Busch brewery. I had a real mountain beer from CO tonight, and while sterner than Busch or Budweiser, it was little disappointing. I of course do have to maintain my fan status for the CO mountains, and the Breckenridge Brewery makes me think fondly of that area. But their Avalanche Ale was stronger than I expected, and had more bitterness than is desireable after a long day, when I really need a beer. It did not really have a first taste, because the hops and fermentation immediately came back in the aftertaste. It made me appreciate the Brown Ale referenced below, with it’s pleasant firmness. I recommend the locale, but not the brew. Sorry no picture, only so many firsts in one evening.