I saw in the news that San Antonio has returned to being a 2nd fattest city in the nation after a respite at 12th. The amazing part was that all 10 fattest cities are in the south. This has led me to conclude some things about people in the south. I say south in geography, not south as in confederacy, because a lot of this applies to California. People in the south have it easy. There is no winter and so for the most part there is no respect for the creation and it’s Creator. Summer is easily tamed by AC, and there are no mountains or anything else to make you stand in awe and realize that there are greater things in the world. In short, we are able to focus all too much on ourselves, and our desires. People in the north on the other hand, deal with winter, which cannot be ignored by adjusting the thermostat. It requires strength of will, and makes you recognize that there may be a higher power and that you may need his help. I think that it is fair to say that this leads to more maturity in the north. I think that this may be an overlooked part of why so many advances and ideas have come out of Europe, especially northern Europe. Anyway, just something for ya’ll to hae some fun with.