I would like to preface this by saying that my parents lived in the 60’s, and they and a lot of other folks are allright. I have been reading a lot about WWII recently, and in doing so have noticed just how much literature seems to portray that generation as heroic because of what they had to overcome. At the same time, we have been reading Joshua in Sunday School, and I was struck the other day by how Simeon and Levi get little inheritance because of their wrath. This got me to thinking about how David is told that he has been too warlike for him to be allowed to build the Lord’s temple. I got to wondering if part of the reason for the disaster known as the 60’s and for the boomers is that they are descended from the generation that went to war and that in some way they are under a curse. It seems to me that it explains how the nation as a whole could transform so fundamentally within a generation.