I was reading in today’s paper about a poll of what Americans expect in the coming year. Ok, so we overwhelmingly agree that oil prices will go up and the Demos will raise the minimum wage. In a side note, what will the demo’s do when they have raised the minimum wage? Just a thought. Anyway, the big shocker is the percentage of Americans who expect the Second Coming of Christ. Twenty Five percent apparently expect their Lord and Savior to return this year. I frankly find that shocking on many levels. First, what is so bad out there as to make someone think that LaHaye levels of Crisis (which are necessary pre-requisites to the second coming) are here? The Iraq War? High oil prices? I really am confused on that. Also, as Jenkins and Co. taught us, we need seven years of Tribulation. I did not think that Bush in the white house was the beginning of said tribulation, maybe Hillary, but not Bush. The fact that 25% of our fellow countrymen expect Christ to come again shows us that at the least, the Left Behind nonsense had no impact whatsoever on people’s knowledge of the end times. It may have confused them even more, but I am revising my estimate of teaching bad theology to simply spreading confusion.