I was shocked when a cold spell recently hit TX. I was even more shocked when New Belgium’s winter brew showed up in the local HEB. So I tried the “2 below” with interest. Unfortunately, it was below expectations. It seemed a lot fruitier than their other brews, but managed a bit of a sour aftertaste. I recently attended a beer tasting and learned that this is a common malady in wheat beers. I was still less than enthused. For some reason I had expected another hearty beer for winters, but this came across more like a summer style. It did mix nicely with the artificial cheese on my burger though.

The night before, I had a Newcastle Brown Ale. That was a good experience, I don’t remember it being quite that solid and reassuringly brown, while avoiding pomposity like Stouts. It went extremely well with my BLT, and the two together made no dent whatsoever in my merriment. Note to self “Next time get the 22 oz, even if it does cost as much as the rest of your meal.” Nothing kills the taste of good beer like knowing that they are shafting me for it. But maybe it does cast more to get quality imports down here. Overall, pass on the new hotness from New Belgium, old Newcastle wins this bout.