A couple days ago I was alerted through e-mail that Metzler had mentioned our blog. Confused, I went to check it out, and see what had provoked him to mention us. I was even more confused when I found out what he was originally irate about with regards to our blog. For some reason, he does not approve of Hooser’s encouraging someone else. He then goes on to copy W’s post, and use that as an illustration about Kirker apologists. For the record Michael, none of us are Kirker apologists. Also for the record, you are a fool, and your bitterness against Hoos and his comment is ridiculous, and since I have the power to, I can and will tell it like it is.
We on this blog are all from NSA. No vicious lies are being spread anout you at NSA, we would know, because at least one of us goes there. A lot of good people are doing incredible things at NSA. I went there, and they taught me how to think for myself. So rather than being a Kirker apologist, (I live in Texas now) I am just a guy who used to live there, and have the ability to decide for myself about you. That is why I can say you are an idiot. Because I know foolishness and idiocy when I read it. Please, if you are so desperate for things to write, then why don’t you make some stuff up? It would be alot more interesting than taking unproductive potshots at someone who feels the need to encourage another Christian. I would think it is rather sad that you have sunk to making blanket generalizations about an institution that you cannot speak with any authority about, except you have already done that, so why stop now? And your proof of that institutions hate for you is a comment to a third party that was meant as encouragement? How about this for your new blog post? “So many people all over the country have been brainwashed into apologizing for Wilson that you are getting vicously attacked for no reason from even as far as Texas.” The truth is, even someone who rarely feels the need to check on foolishness on the internet can still be surprised, and annoyed enough to tell you off. And no, you may not post any responses. I have no desire to hear what you have to say. Don’t act like it’s a hindrance, that’s why you got your own blog.