It seems like every time I watch one of Steven Spielberg’s movies, he takes away another career option. First he convinced me I didn’t want to be a soldier. Now I can’t be an assassin. Too much PTSD.

The movie had its moments, I have to admit. It was most powerful when the group sent after Black September was arguing about the best ways to carry out its mission. But the most interesting stuff happened after Avner returned. His struggle with what he had done was the most compelling part of the entire story, but because it was the ending it was given short shrift.

The entire movie explored the question, How should a country respond to a terrorist attack? The Israelis tried revenge, and it didn’t really work. Spielberg doesn’t offer an answer, he just offers the question. In this light, it’s extremely significant that the final shot of the film rests on the World Trade Center, towering in the distance.