So, I finally figured out how to log onto the blog again. No that’s not an excuse, but I have something to say now. I just watched Syriana. I got to thinking a lot about the symbolism of movies during it because the creators went out of their way so obviously to include it. Ex. Why is there a man with a prosthetic in the diner? But I especially focused on Bennett Holiday. He was the only black man in the movie. The first time I really noticed the juxtaposition was when he was playing racquetball, dressed in white, with a white guy dressed in white in a white room. He then is shown in a black suit with a light colored raincoat. Then he is picked up in a black car by the justice department. Then he wears a black and white tuxedo at the end. It seemed to me that in this movie the creators went out of their way to show this sort of thing. In trying to figure out the meaning, I decided that the meaning was that he represented black and white in this gray world, and was part of both sides at different times. But was was really interesting was that the movie went nowhere with it. Except that he closes the door to his house, black, at the end. But neither black nor white wins. Or more importantly, neither side should win as portrayed by the movie. It seems like that is an important element in a Christian view of a story. What symbolism is in the story? What does it represent? And then the most importan question, How does it reinforce what the movie is saying? Does it support the good guys, does it reinforce the message? In Signs, the symbolism shows a change between beginning and end. It goes somewhere. In this movie it was neat, but it was meaningless. It seems like that adds a lot to the abstract idea of watching for symbols and parallels in a movie. It makes it mean something, not just be a fun exercise for a smarty pants NSA grad.