So, I saw Superman Returns. And I’m going to give out spoilers like a 4th of July parade.

The archetypes. Some of them were more shadows than types, but a lot of them were pretty obvious. A father sends his son as a savior. The world is convinced that they don’t need him until he returns, and then people change their mind when he saves them from bad things. The son dies and lives again, not once but twice (hey, if one is good two is better). He ascends into the heavens at the end. Is this good? Is this bad? I think we’ve already discussed this.

But as fun as these are, they aren’t a straight allegory (which is good). In fact, this is the second film this summer that shows a powerful son who has a child in secret with a woman. This fact is covered up. In SR, the son is Clark Kent, and the son is Jason. In The Da Vinci Code, the son is Jesus and he has kids with Mary Magdalene.

But let’s leave all those types and allusions aside for a minute. Was the movie any good? I thought it was okay. If I had to pick stars (i.e., if I got paid to review movies), then I would give it 2 or two and a half. Superman failed to inspire me; the first thought that crossed my mind was “Why hasn’t he talked yet?” I was a little confused why he was so into Lois Lane. Their relationship was more assumed than demonstrated, especially by Ms. Bosworth. The drama could have been greatly heightened too, in my opinion, if she had been married to Richard. That would have been a pickle. As it was, there was a lot of wasted potential there. Lex Luthor was not only insanely greedy and foolish but also just plain stupid.

What did I like? The music was excellent, the opening credits were perfect, and the special effects were pretty flawless. I liked the library on Luthor’s yacht, and I liked the bit where the kid played the piano with the thug. The space shuttle scene was great (did anyone catch Richard Branson? I didn’t). One of the worst things you can say about a movie is that it made you check your watch repeatedly. I found that the movie seemed shorter than its two and a half hours.

The best moment was when Superman was in the hospital and Mrs. Kent was outside but could not come in. The best scene was the space shuttle scene.

As a superhero movie, it was better than most. But I still find I liked X-Men and Spiderman 1 and 2 better.