Maybe some of you have answers to these, maybe not. Maybe there are no answers. But they kind of bugged me. If that bugs you, don’t read them. Oh, and of course, spoilers.

Nitpicky questions:
1. Why was Luthor’s scheme so stupid? I mean, real estate? And who is going to be real estate on a jagged rock?
2. If Superman can hear the world when he floats in the air, what was it like for the aliens living on Krypton? Could everyone hear everyone?
3. What happened to the city of Metropolis after Superman carried the island away? The movie just forgot about them after Superman’s icy breath.
4. Why didn’t the kryptonite stop Superman from picking up the island? Or for that matter, why didn’t the kryptonite take effect until after Luthor mentioned it?
5. Why did Luthor keep Lois on the boat if he knew that would draw Superman’s wrath?
6. What was with the completely extraneous corn jumping scene?
7. Why doesn’t anyone notice that Kent is gone for the exact same amount of time as Superman?

Let me just add that this movie could have been much, much worse. We ought to be greatful. J. J. Abrams (of Lost fame) wrote a script a few years back that was apparently wretched. To give you a sense, Luthor turns out at the end to be an alien from Krypton also. He and Superman do aerial battle. That would have been terrible.