I saw this last night. If anyone else has seen this, I would be curious what you have to say about it. For what it’s worth, I offer the following interpretation. I remember very clearly that the reason Mr. Wilson did not like Shrek was that the creators took the story, and made the ending to fit their screwy paradigm, rather than the rightness that the story should have had. Basically, the princess should have turned the ogre into a prince, not the ogre turning the princess into a ogress. In Memoirs, I thought I could see some of the same thing. Instead of the main girl (I have no idea what her name was) did not have the happy ending in the sense that we would look for. She ended up with a donor, not a husband. Her love led her to the same broken paradigm of her society, the wife of the night and shadows, I think she put it. Is it wrong to hope that her love would lead her out of the paradigm? Or is it more of a testimony to the brokenness of the paradigm that she lived in, and the weirdness of live without the gospel.