Well, W has taken me up on my challenge to quit making excuses for not trying his hand at storytelling but asked for a deadline. I suggested a deadline of February 28th @ 12:00am (Midnight) which he accepted, and since I didn’t want to be a hypocrite, I also decided that I would participate in the challenge. This post is to open this challenge to any and all of your web surfers and bloggers out there to join this challenge. If you would like to participate, just leave a comment with your email address and I will send you the details. (If you don’t like your email floating around on the internet, let me know in the comment and I can delete the comment once I have the address). Ideally, at the end of February, everyone will submit their stories to me and I will send them to all the other participants for enjoyment and criticism, which I will in turn collate and return to the appropriate writer. (That way the criticism isn’t as public for this inagural attempt) If this turns out to be popular, I may be game for continuing it as a monthly challenge. We will see.

Disclaimer: This isn’t one of those challenges with a prize. It’s like going on a diet. If you’re challenging yourself and you get skinnier, you win. Likewise, if you work hard and give it a shot, and complete a story and hopefully get into the story writing habit, you win. (I don’t mean for this to be as egalitarian as it sounds. 🙂 Everybody is special! )