I just want to pass on a really well written story that I am listening to on my way to work these days. “By the Light of the moon” By Dean Koontz. I had only ever read his Frankenstein story, and was just interested when I picked it up, but now I am amazed. One of the heroes is a Christian, who describes his work as a painter as creating because he is made in the image of a creative God. And the writing is awesome. So far it is totally clean, a very interesting plot, and full of fun phrases to mull over again and again. If you took Wilson’s class on writing, you would write like this. Kennings like “outhouse input”, I mean it is fun, adventurous, and lighthearted, I dare it say it meets alot of the criteria that Hooser had about Christian stories, finding truth in all aspects and very engaging. It is startling because it is worlds better than Christian fiction that I have lain down before, including the message. Does anyone know if has converted or anything?