Some times when we entertain the idea of showing Hollywood some worthy competition, it is easy to become overwhelmed and assume that we have a long road ahead of us. Afer all, how many of us have extensive experience working with all the hardware and other technical materials needed to get into the film-making industry? Do we really have the time, money, and knowledge to actively combat Hollywood? It may be hard but I don’t think we should give up so easily. I think we could get off to a good start just by working on the storytelling aspect. Compared to the preparation needed for other film related jobs, the story and screenwriting aspects take much less technical training. Much of the skill can simply be developed by reading and writing a lot. Any artist worth their salt will tell you that to become a good artist (whether a painter, sketch artist, sculptor, musician or writer) often times it simply takes old fashion practice. We can and should try to write short stories for fun in our spare time, whether or not their great, in order to get better. It’s amazing how many abysmal stories Hollywood buys from regular joes Really folks, the competition is not that intense. There are screenwriting conventions where people try to and often do sell their script to studios based on premises like ‘vampire sororities’. I am 100% certain that if this is what were up against, we can do better. We need to begin to practice writing, messing around with a camcorder, analyzing how you see things done in the movies you watch and try to reproduce the ‘low budget’ equivalent.