In response to Woelke’s Beauty and the Beast interpretation of King Kong, I am curious how that is a Christain theme. Just because Jack Black hints at the theme, should we really accept it? I would say no, for the same reason that Mr. Wilson did not like Shrek. Shrek turned a classic christain fairy tale on it’s head, when the princess loved the ogre, she too turned into an ogre. How can this show redemption? It would work if he became a handsome husband, but instead she is brought to his level, which is an ogre, not something to be made the product of love.

Naomi Watts might love the Gorilla. I would ask for a more thorough explanation of how the love begins. It seems to me that she fears him, and then bonds with him because his turn ons include watching sunsets, and fighting savagely for his prize. He loves her, but his love is selfish, because he takes her for himself, when she is not the one offered to him in New York he flies into a destructive rage. In this case her feelings for him bring out more of the beast, and eventually lead to his undoing as he climbs to his doom to fight for her. His desire to posses that which he cannot attain is his undoing, and death. Hallelujah, he deserves to die. Instead of it being the story of selfless love and the redemption that flows from it, it becomes an allegory of desiring something in a selfish way, and perishing. It is sad, because it is a story of where we would be without Christ’s love. Our selfish and angry grasping at what we see to be good and beautiful and wholesome ultimately ends in our own death. Kind of like Peter Jackson.