It’s been fun watching the culture wars lately. Intelligent Design in PA, Howard Stern (the Religious Right’s Lightning Rod), Narnia, Pat Robertson’s assorted commentary, the War in Iraq, whistle blowers in D.C. exposing both right and left, Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas, and more. The more I watch the more interesting it gets, and for as much as the mainstream media gets wrong I do think they have one thing right. A big portion of America is becoming increasingly and strangely ‘fundamentalist’. And I wonder if this is a bad thing. In the early Church, Christians were vilified not because they did or didn’t worship a deity, it was because they didn’t worship Caesar and some of the god’s of the pantheon. They were often accused of being atheist because they failed to worship the approved gods. As I watch these culture wars, I can’t help but read a little bit of the same history into it. Christians are slowly being labeled that naive and blind populace that occupy all those blasted red states like those Christians in Roman times who were peculiarly separate. All I have to say is, let the culture wars continue. It will be interesting and exciting to see where things go. And even more interesting if history continues to repeat itself.