I stumbled upon the blog of Barbara Nicolosi this morning. Barbara co-edited Behind the Screen, a new book written by Christians in Hollywood and works with Act One, an organization preparing Christians to work in Hollywood. In a post from a couple weeks ago she had some interesting comments on the surprisingly innacurate hype surrounding King Kong(forcasting new records).

One of the primary reasons she was guessing that Hollywood was frothing at the mouth with predictions of Kong’s box office success was because it would get butts in the seats opening weekend directly opposite Narnia. It’s no secret that Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ is somewhat of an embarrasment to Hollywood’s ‘progressive’ sensibilities. It was a victory for the religious right after all. Likewise, Narnia, with is thinly veiled ‘annoying’ Christian overtones might push the future of filmmaking in Hollywood in a direction that most members of Hollywood don’t want to go. So what are they do to? The best defense is a good offense. Hype whatever blockbuster is slated to come out along side Narnia to squash it’s opening weekend totals.