Another interesting article stated that the pope has come out and said that religous fundamentalism leads to terrorism. This was somewhat disturbing to me, as I have noticed a villification of Christians as fundamentalists, and even fundamental beliefs in general. The idea of creation can be ridiculed as fundamentalism, since it is something that I believe in, no proof, no argument. When that sort of bedrock beleif system is challenged, then I think there are going to be consequences, as well as facilitation of persecution for reasons that seem more plausible.

Also, the pope has said that torture in the fight against terrorism is never acceptable. Recently, I have heard about the imminent threat argument, and am curious what some of you think. The argument is basically that it is okay to use any torture to get information from a captured terrorist, if there is reason to beleive that there is imminent danger to a large number of people. Even John McCain’s bill allows exceptions for law enforcement personnel to do this. There is actually very little argument in intelligence as to whether terrorism works. If it did not, then it would not be used in the first place. I am just curious what you all think of the imminent threat idea.

And one more catholic story. A priest is being tried of heresy for supporting marriage of clergy, and denying the infallibility of the pope. I say, rock on. But he is from California, so I am not sure if he is a modern reformer or not.