I have in my hands a most sublime article written by some AP gal in France. It seems that after the recent riots, there is a strong sense that the poor are being marginalized and that the african minorities are being discriminated against. Naturally, well-meaning liberal pinko commies want to help the poor africans. Unfortunately, there is a law in france that prohibits categorizing people by race, apparently based on the french revolution, and national guilt over the holocaust. So now, in order to ensure equality, liberal whites are crying out that the ideal vision of society will not come to pass without a method to count. There it is in black and white folks, they don’t want equality, they want to make up arbitrary rules and guidelines to enforce their own equality. To insist on counting the down trodden africans is to continue to tread on them, and to never allow them out of their current lamentable state. But I guess the white liberal would prefer to keep the status quo, using national guilt as a bludgeon to acheive their means, rather than risk the uncertainty of true equality.