As I have been trying to piece together some resources for a directed study next quarter regarding my thesis topic, I have come accross some really great stuff. Particularly, I managed to dig up these two articles (1 and 2)on the Biblical Horizons website on what Jim Jordan argues is the Hebraic method of education. He separates education into five portions which somewhat overlap with some of the trivium and also makes some interesting points regarding the particularly western heritage of the Trivium.

As I continue to develop a list of books for my directed study, I am noticing that I really need to get into some books that might argue for the Western way of thinking over and above other cultures so I can anticipate some objections to my position. I am of the opinion that one has to know their tradition in order to transcend it. You aren’t going to teach a Chinese Christian how to transcend his culture if he is well versed exclusively in Western tradition. He needs to learn his own culture next to a solid Christian theology. Any book suggestions?