Just another wonderful excerpt from Serveeld’s Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves,

The juxtaposition of harmonic sequences, discordant and unexpected cacophonous sounds, along with this obviously human person writhing through tonal groups, making chords with the voice as flute and clarinet did too, off-and-on making sense as though the king were in great pain, was both fascinating and strangely moving. The fleeting quotes of Messiah music or other traditional tones colliding with atonal rifts of sound gave one continually the grotesque feeling of being sanely aware of the world the way a schizophrenic might be through bouts of dementedly lucid insight and distracting fear. The whole piece was not a ‘statement’ on political lunacy so much as an audible parable presenting the utter craziness of being a king, a human king; the impossible task that political rule really is in our society around the world cursed by sin, because even kings are human.