Some people post playlists, I am going to post a booklist. That is, a number of the books I have managed to begin but am far from completing. Enjoy.

The Educated Imagination
by Northrop Frye
This work of literary criticism is quite interesting. It asks and answers questions about the place and value of literature in culture among other things.

Windows to the World
by Leland Ryken
As the subtitle suggests, this book puts ‘Literature in Christian Perspective’. One of the most interesting and better understandings I have developed from this book comes from his section on the lie that tells the truth talking about metaphors and the way we frame stories.

The Philosophers Tooklit
by Baggini & Fosl
This book is simply great becuase it offers a crash course in philosophical terminology and gives clear explanations of it. One of the greatest elements of it is the fact that it is completely cross-referenced with all the other portions of the book that cover part of the same subject and it also lists suggested further reading for each particualr category.

Faith & Rationality
Edited by Alvin Plantinga & Nicholas Wolterstorff
This book lays out much of Alvin Plantinga’s arguements in favor of theism. I could get into more detail but then this would get way too long.