I was wondering the other day if there might be an interesting connection between these two gentlemen. More specifically I would like to find out exactly what sort of childhood Freud had. Freud is well known for his contributions to modern psycological theory and I would find it quite interesting if much of his own personal theories on the Oedipus Complex etc. came from his own personal experience. Did he have a desire to kill his father and marry his mother? On the other side of the coin, we have Augustine who as we know from his Confessions had a childhood and young adulthood riddled with sin and debauchery which haunted his concience for some time. The key comparison I would be interested in is how he dealt with it. With his psycological theories Freud seems to avoid a sin nature and as a result I think, he has to develop some sort of system wherein one is simply the victim of his environment and curing comes as a result of coming to terms with ones circumstances or something. Augustine on the other hand has similar issues regarding relationships and habits but they are considered within the paradigm of a sin nature and they are dealt with as such. If there is such a connection (I still need to learn more about Freud) I think it would be an interesting thought experiment then to analyze Freudian psycoanalysis from this Christian perspective.