Jim Jordan posted this over on the Biblical Horizons website. It’s pretty thought provoking. The question is, what are we to do about it? One thing that came to mind was something that something that Dr. David Fields said when he visited and spoke for Disputatio. He talked about analysis,criticism and perspective. One thing that came out as a result of the lecture was that we had somewhat of a right brain/left brain dichotomy drawn out for us. I thought it was particularly interesting. He pointed out that there are often solid, strictly orthodox, systematic theology types but also creative, experimental, narrative types. He also pointed out that both often seem to compete with each other. What he concluded however, is that we need both sides. We need the systematic theology types keeping us in check but we also need the creative types seeking to develop those areas we haven’t reached yet. If either side gets carried away, we end up with either a stagnant church or a grossly liberal church. The balance it seems is always key. This balance, like Jordan points out however, seems to greatly out of balance at this point in the church and is in desperate need of something to bring it back into balance.