I was listening to NPR on the way home today. It was amusing to hear them so worried. They had multiple people on to discuss the breakup of the AFL/CIO, and what could be done about it. I was glad when I heard that the organized labor was losing part of it’s punch, and that they would not be able to abuse the rights and goals of so many Americans for their own ends. NPR, on the other hand, treated it like a catastrophe, and a common thread seemed to be “how can us poor little liberals ever compete with the conservatives? Especially without the huge arsenal of the organized labor (who they do not stand for) behind us?” I don’t know, try calling all your hollywood buddies, maybe george Soros will give another several billion in pity. I am just glad that the party of bitterness and hatred is collapsing under it’s own long held abuses and cheating of their own “supportes”, and I hope that unions are emboldened to stand up for themselves, rather than enslaving their members to whoever scratches the backs of their leaders most. The froth about democrats supporting the working man is one of the oldest and tiredest lies espoused, and it warms my fire eating conservatyive heart to see them shocked by the consequences of their lying and scheming.