I have to admit, I was one of those hopeful but hesitant people waiting to see the new Batman. The majority of this summer’s movies have been duds in my mind and to be completely honest, I wasn’t really getting my hopes up for this one. I didn’t want to be disappointed. So, silently hopeful I entered the theatre and after about 15 movie trailers (which probably scored about 1 for 15) I sat watching, hoping to enjoy this one.

In the end, I have to admit, I was happy. It was worth my $7, something none of the other summer movies had achieved. Let me explain why I think this exceeded the others.

!Warning, Spoilers!

– The majority of the Batman movies make Batman a good guy with an angry angst ridden alter ego which functions on a different plane of morals and attitudes. This movie however, allowed Bruce Wayne to deal with his pent up anger before he became Batman and Batman was much more of a true hero in this movie instread of an antihero. In many ways, Liam Neeson was the antihero and Batman conciously rejected his path.

– By my recollection there was no profanity and there were no bedroom scenes. Pretty unusual for something coming out of Holywood these days. Despite this lack however, the movie was actually really good. Perhaps the rest of Holywood could stand to learn from this.

– Good lines. Something like “It’s not what you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.” This was clever and while it smelled like other quaint moral proverbs (e.g. Spiderman’s, “With great power comes great responsibility”), it didn’t get preachy like the others.

There are probably others, but these three are the first that came to mind. I recommend seeing it if you haven’t. I would argue it is the best Batman movie yet. Not being a Batman comic nerd, I am not sure whether it will appease those critics, but as a movie in and of itself, I can easily say that with this installement, Batman finally did begin.