I have tossed this question around in my head for a quite a while now. I am curious how Christians, and primarily Reformed presbyterian types should consider those outside our own camps. Some big questions circle around whether Evangelicals should associate or grant any cooperation with Roman Catholics. I think I have reached somewhat of conclusion but I was interested if anyone else had some thoughts on the issue. The main thing I have come to conclude is that I think we should cooperate with Roman Catholics insofar as we both disagree with pagans. In the latest culture wars in Moscow, it has been amazing how much friendly fire there has been mixed in with enemy fire. This has made me come to consider that perhaps Roman Catholics, Evangelicals, Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, etc. ought to set aside their theological differences long enough to fight the more important battle and once that war is over we can sort out our differences. I don’t think we should sacrifice our dogma or theology, but we can look past that when more important things are happening. In a biological family, differences can surely exist and often do, but if anyone from outside the family takes a swipe at a family member, the rest of the family does or at least should come to the aid of that member regardless of their differences. The family connection runs deeper than the details. This I think is just as true with our baptism. When we are fighting a culture war, and believe me we are, perhaps we ought to set our specific dogma aside long enough to defend against weapons from the outside. I would much sooner join a Roman Catholic brother against a secularist than join a secularist in some sort of criticism of Roman Catholic theology. To do the latter would border on betrayal and fraud, sins of the worst kind. Dante places such sinners (Judas) in the deepest ring of hell and understandably so. Those who do so are no better. We need to set aside our sectarianism long enough to battle the enemy. I don’t think this is syncretism.