While I was surfing the internet searching for some info on David Bentley Hart(Commented on by Dr. Leithart here & here), I came accross an older interview with Terence L. Nichols on Mars Hill Audio Journal, Issue 67 concerning some of the thoughts included in his book, The Sacred Cosmos: Christian Faith and the Challenge of Naturalism. The interview which can be heard here was interesting. His book suggests a more sacramental perspective of Creation. From what I have been studying, a very similar perspective was held in the Middle Ages, which I find interesting. The notion of every part of creation pointing in some way or another to God seem to me to make sense. I have yet to read Mr. Nichols book, but it looks to be quite a read and an important book for those Christians who are neck deep in science and naturalism as well as for laymen to develop a more in depth view of Creation. I am continually interested in the worldview paradigm that the medievals saw through and this book looks to rediscover that worldview for our contemporary culture.