Thanks for the link to the trailer, Hooser. I hadn’t seen it yet. But it brings up thoughts in my head, since (unlike you) I have not reserved judgment on the movie.

Reserving judgment on the third movie in a series is rather silly. By the time the third one rolls around, you know what you’re gonna get. Did anyone reserve judgment on Scary Movie 3, or did they know the quality of the production they were getting. You could argue the same thing for Return of the King last year – everyone knew the Oscar® was Jackson’s months before the movie even came out.

As far as Star Wars goes, Episode III will be just as silly, and just as fun, as the others. If you think about it, Episodes I & II weren’t any worse than IV, V, & VI. There’s only two (rather silly) reasons that they are hallowed and revered. 1) Nostalgia. I don’t think I have to explain that one. 2) There was nothing else like it at the time. Now we have hundreds of movies that grew out of Star Wars and its success, and thus even Lucas seems derivative (remember the scene in Episode II that he shamelessly stole from Gladiator?). We go to Episode II hoping for the same thrill that came from the original, but it’s not fresh anymore. It’s been done over and over again in other movies since then. Think about the environment Star Wars came out in, and then you’ll understand why the original was so groundbreaking and the new ones just ain’t.

But who cares? I’m still gonna see it, mostly because I just want to see Yoda do battle with Saruman again.